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(Lego compatible) Mould King Brand Models

The Hidden Hideout, just like everyone else, has struggled during the Covid Pandemic. Collector's items are the last thing people buy when they have necessities to live on and bills to pay to keep their roof over their heads. We are mindful of this and very understanding of the situation!   So we got together (from a safe distance, in the comfort of our own homes over Zoom!) & came up with something that could help people who were stuck at home and being bored, because being bored can lead to bad mental habits or issues that aren't healthy at all.  We want to help when the numbers of mental health as a society decline and mental issues become more prevalent!

Choose Cheaper Blocks Toy With Same Quality

We purchased a few LEGO sets that had been returned and sold at auction for about $0.50 to a dollar, one set I paid $76.00 for that would have cost $159.99 retail!  After getting them home and putting them together, we realized we had accidentally invented a solution, LEGO compatible model kits at a fraction of the cost!  It may seem like a "joke" or ploy, however, it isn't!!  Boredom can be cured by keeping your brain active, which makes it healthier. There are many things people need to do to remain mentally healthy, but putting together a Lego set or LEGO style set after completion gives you a sense of accomplishment and overall a good feeling! The brand name everyone knows is "Lego," but the models an adult or even a young adult likes are not cheap!! It cost me $159.99 for a Porsche 911 made up of around 1500 pieces!!!  We knew we needed to find another solution. Lego brand quality (needed use of Lego glue) is just too high right now for Americans during this historic economic crisis!  In addition to Lego, there are other manufacturers who make "Lego Compatible" models, meaning the models are different, but the pieces can be interchanged. Our pieces are compatible with any "Lego" manufactured parts.  The new and different manufactures of what we call "Bricks & Blocks", which by our definition means all pieces work together regardless of the brand!   We got samples of many brands(Mould King, Cada, Happy Build, LE) and found the best brands(EVEN OVER LEGO!!!). The model sets made by Mould King, Cada, Happy Build, and LE are better quality than "OEM Lego” models!!

What Else We Can Choose Except “Lego” Brand

The following are a breakdown of the four manufacturers we currently sell and we stand by the quality of their models by 2000%!  We've asked an 8-year-old to build a few sets, and here's what he had to say! The first brand is Mould King!  Please check out our collection if you haven't heard of them before! The molds from Mold King are structurally more sound than LEGO(glue is not needed), they have more pieces per cubic inch and many of them have motors that can be added in some cases, and in others, the model must be built with the motor, that actually works!! The second brand is Happy Build! Comes out of the same factory as Mould King and many of the cars are branded with their logo which is a "D". They are also less expensive than Mould King, making them an excellent option for anyone who wants the best but is not as concerned with the brand! LE is the third brand!  In the same factory as Mould King, Happy Build is also made, and their quality is just as good!  They make great off-road "LEGO-style" models that are quite different from Happy Build and Mould King! The fourth and final brand is Cada! They just released a Lamborghini designed by T-LEGO as they are called in the industry! Mould King, Cada, Happy Build, and LE are all T-LEGO models. Thank you for sticking with us during this tough time. We wish all of you good health and safety. In light of the Covid-19 crisis, all Mould King, Cada, Happy Build, and LE boxes are sanitized before shipping. Mould King, Cada, Happy Build, and LE are all factory sealed in original factory boxes. !Never lose in a bag!