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WANGE Building Bricks Toys (Lego Compatible) Block Sets

WANGE Education began in 1995 as a small family workshop for making toys. In more than ten years of continuous effort, it has become one of the best plastic building block kit production plants and design companies in China. Known as Wange. Focus on professionalism, concentration, and work hard to develop “more fun” puzzle building blocks toys;

WANGE All Blocks          House Bricks       Aircraft Model

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Why Choose WANGE?

Founded on solid product quality, Wange Culture and Education is safe, high quality, and strives for excellence, constantly innovating and pursuing breakthroughs! Focus on professionalism, concentration, and work hard to develop "more fun" puzzle building blocks toys; share, harvest, win-win, integrity, and innovation as action indicators, and gradually achieve corporate blueprint planning.

Build Your Own Architecture With WANGE Model Kits

With so many shapes and expressive elements in WANGE LEGO bricks, kids and adults can build Worldwide famous buildings. Boys and girls aged 7 and up will love these inspiring build ideas, including worldwide famous house buildings such as Elizabeth Tower, New York Empire, Tiananmen Architektur  And with easy-to-follow building instructions included for every model, even first-time builders can experience the pride of constructing their own WANGE toys.

Fun House For Kids With Open-ended Activities

WANGE Classic playsets put ideas and inspiration into kids' hands, with exciting models and simple building guides. Children develop creative and problem-solving skills that last a lifetime as they build and play. Learning has never been so much fun!