8 Benefits of Building Blocks for Kids

Were you ever interested in building blocks as a kid? Almost every family has magnetic building toys. They are a classic toy and staple of our lives.

But why? In spite of the new toy trends, why have stacking toys become so popular?

Here are the 8 top reasons to use building blocks toy with your children. This is one example where your parents could say “it worked for me, it works for you”.

Magnetic educational blocks

In the early years of life, the way your child looks when he or she completes an activity is one of the highlights – the success, the satisfaction and the pride. It’s something special. We will discuss some of the reasons why the toys can be used to develop that feeling of accomplishment.

    1. Hand-eye coordination – By stacking the pieces and placing them on top of each other, they develop a connection between their arms, hands and fingers, which then allows them to lower the piece properly.
    2. Solving problems – this skill is a complex one in that your child will learn the appropriate size pieces for stacking on top of each other, and how to be sure the creation cannot go bigger.
    3. Understanding cause and effect – the ‘what happens if I do this’ question – is crucial for children to develop a sense of curiosity and experimentation. We all should be asking this question, no matter how old we are.
    4. Shape identification – If the stacking toy or wooden blocks are different shapes, you are giving your child the chance to learn both shapes on the sides and the 3D names for each piece. It makes sense for you to put a cube in their hand and turn it around to demonstrate how shapes look.
    5. Color recognition – try putting the red piece on top of the blue piece. We will be able to gain a greater understanding of colours through this learning experience.
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    6. Gross motor skill development – If these pieces are scattered around, you can help your child learn gross motor skills by asking them to reach, walk or crawl to the piece they need next.
    7. Developing fine motor skills – turning small pieces into place gently in your fingers requires fine motor skills, and these toys help develop these skills so much that they provide multiple chances to develop them.
    8. Establishing goals – fulfilling our goals makes us feel that fulfilling them makes us feel accomplished when we accomplish them – and it’s a really special feeling.


Those are just 8 reasons to provide your child with Blocks Building for Kids – but remember that they learn from YOU. YOU must help them with their goals, you need to talk about the colors, you need to show them how to use them. Your child needs your help.

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  1. Levi Armstrong says:

    I love that you mentioned that building blocks help childer hone their gross and fine motor skills. My niece Fionnah will be celebrating her third birthday soon, so I plan on buying a gift for her. Because of what you’ve said, I’ll go to the mall later to buy her building blocks for kids. Thanks.

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